There’s Wall Paint, and Then There’s Floor Paint: Best Paint and Floor Coatings for Hawaii’s Weather

Best Paint and Floor Coatings For Hawaii's Weather

Hawaii may be the paradise it is but this paradise has its share of challenges that include volcanos, earthquakes, termites, and harsh weather.

All of these factors can make it challenging to enjoy the island life you’ve always envisioned.

Good thing some factors are in your control.

One of which is in your choice of wall and floor coatings.

First off, it’s best to leave painting and resurfacing jobs to professionals. Why? Unless you have adequate experience with home remodeling, you may overlook certain factors that could make the project take longer and become more expensive.

Some things to consider include:

Weather – In Hawaii, Mother Nature is a force to reckon with. There is simply no way to avoid the various weather patterns that the state experiences except for preparation and the use of the right materials.  If you need to paint the exterior walls, you need to ensure that you do this during the driest weather possible for the paint to properly adhere to the surface. Weather that is around 90F also allows for faster drying.

Mildew – Sometimes caused by high humidity and condensation, mildew can also appear when there are water leaks. You can avoid the growth of molds by first applying an anti-mildew solution before you even paint on the first coat of primer and making sure that all the pipes inside the walls are in good working order.

Lighting and reflection – Depending on the room you want to paint or resurface, lighting and reflection play important roles in your choice of the paint or coating. The good news is you won’t have to worry too much about the interior wall paint becoming affected by the elements. Just make sure you get a good quality product in the appropriate shade for the room you want to use it in. One of the marks of good quality paint is that you only need to apply one or two coats to achieve the color you desire.

Location – Where your house is situated should also be a factor in your choice of wall paint and floor coating. If you live near the beach, for example, you need to choose materials that can withstand the wind, seawater, and sand, among others. You’re likely to repaint the exterior walls more often than if you lived away from the coast, but it’s necessary that you invest in a high-quality acrylic latex paint after cleaning and smoothing out the walls. As for flooring, the most popular choices are concrete, and tile as these materials react well to scratches and stains.

Rust – If there are metal surfaces on either the exterior or interior walls of your home, use paint that protects from rust, especially if you live in a humid environment or an area that gets a lot of rain throughout the year.

Think you are ready to paint your walls and coat your floors?

Apart from consulting a professional, you also need to find a good paint supplier.

Google is a good source of info on the shops that are closest to you. You’ll also find useful reviews from previous customers. 

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