Top Pool and Spa Design Ideas for Your Honolulu Home

Honolulu Pool and Spa Design

Like fashion, pool design trends come and go. However, we’ve seen some designs remain popular over the last few years. Here’s a look at some of them:

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Honolulu Pool and Spa Combo

If you don’t have enough space for a separate pool and spa or you live in an area where there are restrictive zoning requirements, the solution is a combination of the two. You can do this by having a pool that is big enough to fit up to 10 people, with a built-in pool heater and jets so it can function as a hot tub or spa. This design works for either in-ground or above ground pools.

Honolulu Swim-in-Place

One pool design that’s been getting a lot of attention is the swim-in-place or swim spas, which is the perfect solution for small spaces or areas that don’t enjoy as much sun as we do in Hawaii. Furthermore, its rising popularity is partly due to the increasing desire of people to become fit and healthy. If you have a gym with adequate floor space, a swim-in-place pool is a great addition to your workout equipment so you can perform aquatic exercises at any time of the year.

Honolulu Multi-level Pool

Multi-level pools are ideal for families with little children since the shallowest part acts as a wading pool where the kids can play and adults can go sunbathing. Another reason to choose a multi-level design is if space is a concern or if you want to build your pool on a hillside. This is your best option for maximizing space because you can fit a bigger amount of water in a smaller space.

Honolulu Beach Entry

Also known as zero depth entry, this pool or spa design incorporates a deck entry that gradually slopes into the water. If you have small kids at home, this design is great since it eliminates the need for ladders or stairs to enter the pool. In addition, a beach entry has irresistible aesthetic appeal.

Honolulu Spa/Tanning Ledge

A Baja bench shelf or a tanning ledge is a wonderful addition to any pool if you want to sunbathe while partially submerged in the water. To make the most of your space, you can situate your spa on one portion of the tanning ledge, or you can have a spa with a built-in tanning ledge.

Honolulu Infinity

Infinity pools have been around for several years and they’re popular for a reason, especially in places like Hawaii where you can enjoy beautiful views almost everywhere you look. Also known as vanishing edge pools, infinity pools easily adds a touch of class and luxury to any home or space.

Honolulu LED Lit

Pool lighting is hardly new but the lighting options available today make outdoor entertainment a whole new ballgame. We’re talking about anything from pool lights of various colors to lighting that moves to the beat of whatever music is on. This feature makes the poolside a perfect spot for evening parties where guests have the option of jumping into the Jacuzzi with either regular or solar pool heater.

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