Benefits of Honolulu Deck Resurfacing

Don’t you just love spending time around the pool especially during hot, sunny days? Well, the pool area is more than just the perfect spot for having a cool drink or getting a tan, it’s also great for outdoor parties, picnics, or barbecues, which is why keeping the pool deck at its best is important.

If you’re worried about the deck repair cost, there are less expensive and quick alternatives to giving the deck a makeover. Pool deck resurfacing is one of them.

Honolulu Pool Deck Resurfaced

As the name suggests, pool deck resurfacing involves the process of resurfacing the deck with a concrete overlay. It’s a good way to cover up any minor or shallow damage to the deck. However, deck resurfacing is not just for hiding flaws or correcting the mistakes of your past pool deck contractor. It’s also ideal for the following purposes:

  • To ensure that the pool deck surface does not develop cracks or become slippery over tim
  • To update the look of the pool deck in a cost-efficient way in as little as a day
  • To create the look of natural stone or add color and texture to an otherwise boring surface
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Honolulu Pool Deck

Why resurface your pool deck in Honolulu?

The method of deck resurfacing is also applicable to pool decks that have suffered wear and tear for many years. Apart from saving on time, the deck resurfacing cost is lower than the cost of demolishing and replacing the old concrete. The following are the other benefits of getting your pool deck resurfaced:

  • It creates a non-slip surface
  • Even if your pool deck starts with a textured, slip-resistant surface, the roughness can become lost over the years or due to the effects of the weather.
  • This results in a slippery deck that can cause falls and other accidents.
  • It reduces maintenance costs

It makes walking barefoot easier with Honolulu Pool Deck Surface Materials

Traditional deck surface materials like brick and tile can readily soak up the sun’s rays and keep the heat in, making it uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) to walk barefoot to and from the pool. The materials used for resurfacing pool decks come in a wide variety so you can select the ones that are made to resist heat-absorption. The resulting surface stays cooler to the touch, allowing you to walk across barefoot easily and comfortably.

Like any part of the house, the pool area requires careful maintenance, especially if you and your family spend a lot of time in this spot. Resurfacing the deck with a porous surface keeps debris and other dirt from penetrating into and soaking the material. This allows for easy clean up and prevents stains as well as discoloration. Consequently, pool deck resurfacing not only helps reduce maintenance costs it also reduces the amount of time you spend on upkeep.

It can be the more environmentally friendly option with Honolululu Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Some materials for pool deck resurfacing, which include recycled tires and composite lumber, entail less carbon footprint and are, therefore, more environmentally friendly.

The most popular material for pool deck resurfacing is concrete. It is quite versatile and gives you control over how unique, low-maintenance, and affordable the design will be. Stained concrete and concrete pavers are examples of what you can use to resurface your pool deck. These elements can be mixed with other materials to provide the pool area with an aesthetic focal point.

Flagstone is a traditional pool deck material as it offers a sleek look. However, in Honolulu and other places where it’s mostly sunny, flagstone can absorb heat that will make walking barefoot across it uncomfortable, especially for kids. Brick decks are also quite common but bricks can become too hot on sunny days. It can also become slippery.

If you like the look of flagstone and brick, there are many design combinations which will allow you to achieve the look you want without experiencing the drawbacks. For example, you can choose concrete for the footpaths and other materials for the rest of the deck.

More and more pool owners are also opting to use composite lumber to replace wood decks. Composite lumber, an environment friendly material that is usually a blend of recycled wood fibers and plastics, is ideal for deck resurfacing, especially for an above-ground pool.

In the Honolulu-Kailua area, we provide expert but affordable pool deck resurfacing services using the best quality materials to ensure that you can enjoy spending time around your pool without worrying about damage or accidents due to slippery or hot surfaces.

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