Need to Get Your Honolulu Pool Deck Repaired? Here’s What to Consider

Pool Deck Repair Near Me In Honolulu, Hawaii

In places like Honolulu, which is blessed with fine weather for most of the year, it’s common to spend a lot of time around the pool area to cool off during warm, muggy days. Pool & deck repairs that range from minor to major damage, therefore, are some of the usual problems of homeowners with both in-ground pool and above-ground pool. If you need to get your pool deck repaired, these are the factors that you need to consider:

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Cause of Deck Damage In Honolulu

Before embarking on a pool deck repair project, you need to first identify what caused the damage to the deck to help you figure out the best repair procedure for your needs. There are plenty of causes of pool deck damage but here are some of the most common:

  • Salt exposure. In areas close to the sea, constant exposure to salt makes concrete surfaces susceptible to deterioration.
  • Poor pool construction. Improperly compacted backfill material is an example of poor pool construction. This is common when you enlist the services of a shady pool deck contractor or one who lacks adequate experience in pool deck repairs.
  • Heavy concrete slab. If you notice settlement or sinking concrete surfaces around your pool, this could be due to the use of heavy concrete slab than can cause loose soil to compress under the slab.
  • Fluctuating weather patterns. Freeze and thaw conditions can cause materials, such as concrete and wood to expand and contract. In Honolulu, this is usually not an issue since the weather is relatively good year-round.

Honolulu Pool Deck Repair Options

Depending on the kind of damage, your budget for repairs, as well as your design preferences, there are several pool deck repair options for you to choose from.

Concrete Engraving
For decks with minor discoloration or cracking, concrete engraving provides a solution. This process involves disguising the flaws by cutting or engraving a pattern on the surface. The flaws can actually help improve the overall look of your pool area depending on the deck designs you choose.

Even if your pool deck has no damage, the wide range of designs you can come up with through concrete engraving makes it ideal for improving the look of any surface.

Epoxy Sealing
If the cracks are minor and you don’t want to see them at all, there are specialized epoxy compounds that penetrate into the pores of cracked cement, which form a watertight bond that is up to three times stronger than concrete, and keep pool deck surface cracks from deepening.

Concrete Recoloring
Sun exposure, weathering, improper application of color, and pool chemicals can all cause discoloration to your pool deck. Fortunately, this type of problem is easily resolved by the application of a new coat of water-based stain or acid.

Concrete Resurfacing
Over the years, your pool deck will show common signs of wear and tear like spalling cracking, and scaling. The best solution to these problems is resurfacing the deck with a concrete overlay, which is also called micro-topping. The great thing about concrete resurfacing is that along with covering up existing flaws, it also allows you to upgrade the look of your pool area by adding texture, color, and pattern to the deck.

​Some systems, which are specifically designed for pool deck resurfacing, improve the heat and slip resistance of the surface. Concrete pavers and stamped concrete are examples of deck designs for resurfacing.

Honolulu Deck Repair Cost - Concrete Refinishing & Resurfacing

Honolulu Deck Repair Cost

The deck resurfacing cost is another important factor you need to consider. You may be tempted to DIY the project in the hope of saving on expenses, but unless the damage is minor it’s better to leave the job in the hands of professionals with years of experience dealing with pool deck repair

Honolulu Pool Deck Contractor

The services of a contractor with specific expertise in the repair of pool decks is necessary in ensuring the quality of the repair and that you’ll get the value for your money.

​Nowadays, it’s very easy to find a pool deck contractor by searching online or asking friends for referrals. It’s a good idea to check out several companies. Compare the costs of their services, go through the portfolios of pool deck repair projects, be familiar with the processes and materials they use, and read the reviews.

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