Honolulu, Hawaii Swimming Pool Deck Care

Welcome to ALAKA’I – Honolulu’s very own pool professionals.

We handle pool servicing as well as all maintenance problems in the Honolulu and Mililani area.

So if your deck is deteriorating, aging, or just needs a new look and feel; we will fix it smart, fast, and pretty.

Our expertise is in swimming pool maintenance, be it residential or commercial. We handle

  • Deck and swimming pool paint. (this includes Kool Deck painting)
  • Rubber coating
  • Concrete stain
  • Old epoxy glue and paint removal
  • Stamped concrete remodeling
  • Travertine decks

We can overhaul all of your pool area. We do it all! ​

Our contractors at ALAKA’I understand that you want to see your swimming pool plan exactly the way you imagined it. We want you to be able to cherish the space you have invested in. Therefore, it has to be impeccable, practical, and robust; especially when it comes to Hawaii’s weather.

Our service approach

If you like what you’re reading and you would like to hire the best pool & deck professionals in Honolulu, Mililani, and the state of Hawaii, give us a buzz at ​808-518-3326. ​


How it works


We service Honolulu, HI and its neighboring towns and suburbs, East Oahu, Aiea, Ala Moana, Hawaii Kai, Kahala, Kailua, Kaimuki, Mililani Kapolei, Leeward Oahu, Moana, and many more.

If you are not sure we cover and service your Area, give us a call and we will be happy to inform and guide you in the right direction. ​ 808-518-3326

It really depends on your pool & deck project. We will have to get a good understanding of what your pool needs and doesn’t need. Then we’ll give you all the information and best pricing details you need to make a decision.

We just inform, guide, and give you the best suitable service for your budget. You’re the soul decider. So call and ask away ​ 808-518-3326

Deck repair: Consultations, idea plans, quotes, estimates and specific costs. Deck care work includes Joining, rebinding, and fastening. Add to that work on drains, epoxy glue sealing, channeling, drain covers and trench.

Deck resurfacing: stamped concrete, epoxy resin, and rubber coating. Our services also include custom work where you pick the samples, accessories, measurements, and all other parameters; and we execute and fulfill your pool vision. ​

What guarantees of your work do you offer?

Guarantees that we are proud of.
When we do pool & deck overhall or any other service, we keep in mind robust resurfacing material, thorough deck remodeling that looks good and that can endure the island’s weather.


Now what?
Call ​ 808-518-3326 ​ or ​ email ​ us using the contact form up this page. ​

with mahalo!